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Creta Land is a digital asset that can be owned, further developed, and freely operated within Creta Multiverse by Cretarian like yourself upon its purchase. How you want your land to be is entirely up to your creativity and imagination from turning it as a small summer house to a gigantic concert hall.

DAYROOT is the capital of Creta Multiverse, revolving around highly advanced technology fused with cyber culture.

Parcel(s)Size(meter)Number of Land Sale
(Genesis Pass Holder Benefit)
Number of Land Sale
(Normal User)
Total Number of Land SaleCRETA

*The owner of CRETA NFT Land will become eligible to receive special benefits and rewards as getting closer to the official launch of DAYROOT metaverse world. Please look out for Creta’s further announcements and notices.

*To avoid any confusion on the “Tier” branding and measurement for the size of land, we’ve replaced them in the unit of Parcel. Please refer to “Genesis Pass” page on Marketplace to find out our changes in the benefit plan for “Genesis Pass” holders.

*The pre-sale of DAYROOT NFT Land for general users will begin from 10AM (UTC), October 6th, 2022 and the dedicated land for “Genesis Pass” holders will become claimable from 10AM (UTC), October 12th, 2022.

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