Kingdom Under Fire : The Rise

An unprecedented persistent world based NFT-RPG, “Kingdom Under Fire : The Rise”(Tentatively). Play with your avatar heroes and develop land, buildings, equipment in the world of Kingdom Under Fire then use them to acquire crypto currency and swap them into real cash. NFTs created and powered by the latest blockchain technology, the new Kingdom Under Fire will not only be a world you can live in, but also become your greatest asset. Be ready for a great adventure in a new fantasy world!


Various items such as heroes leading the battlefield, vast lands, detailed buildings, rare ships
and various equipments are converted into NFTs.

NFT Informations

These are only sample images. The actual NFT assets will be on sale soon.


Welcome to our massive Metaverse world. Explorers in our world can freely enjoy harvesting plentiful resources, fighting against fearsome monsters strategically and playing through numerous dungeons as exploring on a grand scale land.


What kind of visual do you want for your hero? A variety of customization features will fulfill your wishes. Feel free to combine powerful weapons, tools, and magic to develop your own unique characteristics. A wide variety of freedom allows your own unique style of play. You can travel through vast fields, conquer complex dungeons, and enjoy the explorer's time freely.


You can have an interesting strategic battle using attack weapons such as blades and magic and special riders. Use your own strategy to command in the battle, summon the squad hero, and hunt down the mighty monster.

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